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Personalized foto-journal from your diving in Mexican caves.


41 pages (mostly photos) collected in PDF file. Format A4.


You can add your own photos and descriptions. There is also a place for your diving certificates or a stamp of a local diving center that you dive with. Each sheet is a separate topic, which allows you to freely compose your own dive log.


The journal contains free maps downloaded from the site of ASSOCIATION FOR MEXICAN CAVE STUDIES. It is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the exploration, study, and conservation of the caves of Mexico, chiefly through a program of publications. The AMCS is an official Project of the National Speleological Society. If you would like to have a printed map at home that you can hang on the wall oryou simly feel that you want to support those guys, I cordially invite you to the source page.

This part is about the Koox Baal system in Quintana Roo State.

Diarie show a place, a history. They tell about geography and fauna or flora in a given area.
The rest is your adventure.

My COOP 1 Journal

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